Monthly Recurring Revenue Metrics

A breakdown of different monthly recurring revenue metrics and how you can easily track and distribute your key MRR data using Visible.

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Monthly Recurring Revenue is a measurement of the total predictable revenue you expect to make on a monthly basis.

Net MRR = New MRR + Expansion MRR – Churned MRR

  • New MRR – MRR from new customers
  • Expansion MRR – MRR from gained from existing customers when they upgrade their subscriptions
  • Churned MRR – MRR lost from existing customers when they downgrade or cancel their subscriptions

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How to Automatically Track MRR in Visible

  • ChartMogul – Connect to ChartMogul and report on your recurring revenue movements, customer data and more.
  • HubSpot Integration – Unlock the power of your HubSpot data. Create professional reports and drill into row level data.
  • Salesforce – Unlock the power of your sales, marketing data and CRM data. Automatically sync your key Salesforce data.
  • Xero – Over 1.2 Million businesses use Xero to power their cloud accounting.
  • Quickbooks – Over 4.8 million businesses use Quickbooks to power their cloud accounting.
  • Via Google Sheets or Zapier 

"Like every SaaS business, consistent subscription revenue is vital to your success. That’s why knowing your Monthly Recurring Revenue, or MRR, is so important. MRR is a measurement of the total predictable revenue you expect to make on a monthly basis."

Mike Preuss - CEO & Founder of Visible

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