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Help Founders Streamline Investor Updates With Visible AI

Founders can automatically turn request responses into investor updates that can be shared with other investors.
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Turn Reporting Into a Value-Add Activity

Visible AI Updates allows founders to send best-in-class investor updates in minutes.

Your founders can leverage AI Updates to automatically turn their Visible Request data and responses into shareable updates embedded with charts, images, files, and more.

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Founder Friendly Reporting

Visible AI generates an investor update using the data that founders submit through Visible Requests.

Generate Investor Updates

Visible AI will automatically chart data, add context, and create a shareable Visible Update.

Help Your Companies Stand Out

Founders can share their AI-generated investor updates via email, link, or PDF to impress the other investors in their network.

“Visible's AI Inbox has revolutionized our communication management at Fuel Ventures Ltd. Its seamless integration of AI provides invaluable insights, streamlining our workflow. A game-changer for any VC firm looking to stay ahead.”
Christina Levada
Christina Levada
Operations Manager at Fuel Ventures
“Antler uses Visible with 750+ portfolio companies across 20 countries. The platform makes it manageable to stay on top of a large portfolio, and also benefits portfolio companies as we can provide them with benchmarking on portfolio metrics.”
Vegard Medbø
Vegard Medbø
Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer at Antler
“I can't praise the Visible team enough! We can push financial requests to our portfolio companies, directly access metrics & responses in the platform, and analyze our data to compare individual & portfolio-wide performance through dashboards.”
Katie Kopan
Katie Kopan
Investor at High Alpha
“Thanks to Visible we finally have all our portfolio data organized in one place. The team is very responsive and customer oriented. They are a pleasure to work with!”
Alex Roetter
Alex Roetter
General Partner at Moxxie

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How Founders Can Use Your Requests to Update Their Other Investors

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Crafted With an Emphasis on Security

Visible is SOC 2 certified, performs regular penetration testing, and 24/7 continuous monitoring.

Data Encryption

All data sent to or from Visible is encrypted using TLS 1.2, and all customer data is encrypted at rest using AES-256.

Secure Development

All code changes are automatically scanned for vulnerabilities, peer-reviewed, tested against automated test suites and adhere to best practices.

Data Retention

Regular backups are stored separately from our backend infrastructure.

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Over 9,500+ startups are currently monitored and managed by investors on the Visible platform.
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