Moving founders forward

Founded in 2014, Visible was launched by a group of founders and operators that had been struggling with the vexing (but all too common) problem of startups providing engaging updates to their investors.

Visible believes good communication makes companies grow.

Our Team

Our team loves to move quick and try new approaches. We value transparency, autonomy and making time for life.

We’re always looking for talented crew, head over to our careers page to learn more.

Work at Visible

Founding Partners & Investors

Visible was co-founded by investors who wanted better engagement with their portfolio companies. Today, their portfolio companies use Visible to keep them in the loop.

CEO & Founder - Mike Preuss

Mike is based in Chicago. Prior to starting Visible, Mike lived in San Francisco and worked on business development initiatives ranging from API integrations to verified accounts for celebrities for Formspring (one of the worlds fastest growing social networks). During his time in the valley, Mike saw investors struggling to get meaningful updates from their portfolio and decided to try and help. He’s an alumni of Indiana University & Orr Fellowship.


We have helped over 4,300 companies across 6 continents - we’re coming for you Antartica - engage their investors through regular, professional updates.

In the past year, our customers have raised over $520M in follow-on funding. It turns out, when you provide frequent, transparent updates, investors take notice.