Founder-friendly Portfolio Monitoring & Management

Automate your portfolio data collection processes, centralized your portfolio KPI's and investment data, and share insightful updates with your team and investors.

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Over 6,500+ portfolio companies are monitored by investors on the Visible platform.

Automated Portfolio Data Collection

Streamline your portfolio monitoring with automated processes so you can get back to what matters most, investing in and supporting the best companies.

  • Automatic email reminders 
  • Easy to track response rates
  • Link-based Request forms

Customizable Reporting Requests

Your fund is unique. Visible lets you customize your portfolio Requests with custom metrics, qualitative questions, boolean responses and more.

  • Custom KPI’s
  • Impact metrics
  • ESG reporting
  • Audit & Valuations

“It's important to our fund to not only collect data from our portfolio companies but to track their performance over time and stay organized.

We chose Visible because it's the most founder-friendly solution out there, and have been extremely pleased with the automation, ease of use, and response from our portfolio.”

Stephanie Rich, Head of Platform @ Bread and Butter Ventures

Frictionless Founder Experience

We believe in giving founders autonomy and control over their data and tech stacks. Your companies don’t have to create an account with Visible to share updates with you.

Founder accounts not required.

Centralize Your Portfolio Information to Keep your Firm Organized

Portfolio Metrics

Collect and analyze financial, operational, and impact metrics.


Keep notes about your companies alongside their metrics and files.

Investment Data

Track portfolio and company performance in flexible dashboards.


Files sent by companies are automatically saved on their profiles.


Create and share tear sheets, dashboards, LP Updates, and reports.

Investment Management, Made Easy.

Track your investments in Visible with our 5+ supported investment types. Update the fair market value of your investments to keep your fund analytics up to date and ready to share.

  • Equity
  • Convertible Notes
  • Debt
  • SAFE's
  • And more
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    Over 6,500+ startups are currently monitored and managed by investors on the Visible platform. Learn more about how you can get started with Visible for Investors by meeting with our team.

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