Case Study: How Render Capital Uses Visible to Streamline Fund Reporting

Belle Raab

Render Capital is a $30M early-stage VC fund with offices in Kentucky and Indiana. Led by Patrick Henshaw, Render has invested in 50+ companies as a part of its mission to create a robust and thriving regional economy where entrepreneurs see the Midwest and South as a place they can find appropriate risk capital necessary for them to start and grow.

For this case study, Visible interviewed Render Capital’s Operating Partner Mike Shepard.

Customer Story: How Render Capital Uses Visible to Streamline Fund Reporting

Watch the video below to learn why Render chose Visible to streamline their portfolio monitoring and reporting processes.

Prefer to read? Keep scrolling to read a paraphrased summary of Mike’s responses.

Q: How were you collecting data prior to using Visible?

Prior to Visible, Render was doing very little to collect data from companies because it was too time-consuming to do it via email and the process wasn’t very organized.

Q: What factors led you to choosing Visible?

We looked at other software to help with our fund management and the options seemed cumbersome, the relationships were tricky, and it seemed like it was actually going to be more work. I wanted to find a solution that let me pair our fund management alongside our own metrics so we could do our own reporting by creating dashboards and sharing those with LPs. We also liked that Visible helped collect reporting from our companies on a regular basis.

Q: What was the onboarding with Visible like?

I filled out a spreadsheet with our company and investment data. I prefer to be hands-on so the next step was just figuring out how to set up my own LP Update templates and reports. Visible was available to answer all my questions and the team was open to our feedback.

“It feels like we’re your only customer which is what you’re supposed to do.”

– Mike Shephard, Operating Partner at Render Capital

Q: What has been the result of using Visible

The results have been great. I created an LP Update template which we consider a marketing extension of our brand. To get this to look nice outside of Visible, in Excel, would have taken me a lot of time. I can use the template I created in Visible over and over again and it automatically updates. Our LPs are also really happy with the direction of our reporting and what we’re producing. We are getting our LPs the information that they want and need in a format that they can easily digest.

Over 350+ VC funds are using Visible to streamline their portfolio monitoring and reporting.