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Communication saves companies

If your investors don’t know what’s going on in your business, they don’t know how to help. Investors provide more than capital. They offer advice, expertise, introductions, and more.

Accountability and trust

Proactive communication builds trust. When investors are kept in the loop they are more likely to help. You’ll always be top of mind for introductions, customer referrals and potential hires

Follow-on funding

Follow on funding is imperative for success. Current investors provide signal, can lead rounds or can step in to bridge a financing. Make sure your current investors are allocating future capital by demonstrating your commitment to transparent communication and good governance

Visible is the best way to update your investors. It is absolutely worth your time if you have investors you need to keep in touch with. It will make your life easier and make them happier to know what is going on with their money.

Danny Ellis

CEO and Founder of Skyspecs

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Companies who regularly communicate with investors double their chances of raising future capital

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