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Strengthen Stakeholder Relationships with Streamlined Portfolio Reporting

Quarterly Reporting on Autopilot with Tear Sheets

Tear sheets
Engage LPs with Visible Tear Sheets. View how the best VC funds utilize tear sheets for their LP reporting below:
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How Moxxie Ventures Uses Visible to Increase Operational Efficiency

Learn about how Moxxie Ventures leverages Visible Requests to streamline their portfolio KPI collection.

How The Artemis Fund Uses Visible to Create Annual Impact Reports

Learn more about how The Artemis Fund leverages Portfolio Metric Dashboards to automate their annual reporting.

Why Fuel Ventures Chose Visible as Their Source of Truth

Learn more about how one of the most active early stage investors in the UK uses Visible to monitor 160+ portfolio companies.

“Antler uses Visible with 750+ portfolio companies across 20 countries. The platform makes it manageable to stay on top of a large portfolio, and also benefits portfolio companies as we can provide them with benchmarking on metrics collected from the entire portfolio.”
Vegard Medbø
Vegard Medbø
Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer at Antler
“I can't praise the Visible team enough! We can push financial requests to our portfolio companies, directly access metrics & responses in the platform, and analyze our data to compare individual & portfolio-wide performance through dashboards.”
Katie Kopan
Katie Kopan
Investor at High Alpha
“Thanks to Visible we finally have all our portfolio data organized in one place. The team is very responsive and customer oriented. They are a pleasure to work with!”
Alex Roetter
Alex Roetter
General Partner at Moxxie
Fund Performance Dashboards

Share Fund Performance with Confidence

Design your ideal fund performance dashboard to share with your team and investors.

  • Design a custom fund performance dashboard
  • Easily share dashboards via PDF or secure link
  • Auto-updating fund metrics

Leverage Visible Data Across Your Reporting Stack

Easily export and manipulate your portfolio data from Visible to improve your portfolio reporting.

  • Sync data to Google Sheets and Airtable
  • Share reports directly from Visible
  • Use our API and Zapier to integrate your reporting stack

Sync Data to Existing Tools

Automatically sync portfolio company data and fund performance data across your reporting stack.
Google Sheets and Excel
Automatically export Visible data to Google Sheets or download to Excel.
Sync Visible Portfolio Reports to a database in Airtable.
Create triggers and push data when a founder completes a Visible Request.
Use our API to send your Visible data to other platforms and databases.

Stand Out to Your Limited Partners

Keep your investors up to date by sending data-informed updates on a regular basis.


Crafted With an Emphasis on Security

Visible is SOC 2 certified, performs regular penetration testing, and 24/7 continuous monitoring.

Data Encryption

All data sent to or from Visible is encrypted using TLS 1.2, and all customer data is encrypted at rest using AES-256.

Secure Development

All code changes are automatically scanned for vulnerabilities, peer-reviewed, tested against automated test suites and adhere to best practices.

Data Retention

Regular backups are stored separately from our backend infrastructure.

Portfolio Management for Efficient Investors

Execute on all your critical portfolio monitoring and management processes from a single solution.

Portfolio Monitoring

Founder-friendly portfolio monitoring and management.

Learn more about portfolio monitoring Portfolio monitoring illustration

Portfolio Intelligence

Powerful analytics and intelligence to elevate your portfolio insights.

Learn more about portfolio intelligence

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