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How to Keep Potential Investors Engaged

regularly scheduled investor updates


An Investor Update Email Template for Potential Investors

Often regarded as a periodical duty, fundraising can often get buried behind day to day tasks of a CEO. By treating fundraising as a recurring task, you’ll be able to stay on top of your fundraising at all times while keeping potential investors engaged. Jason Lemkin often compares fundraising to a sales funnel and lays out the following 3 duties:

  1. Meet as many good, new VCs and investors to the top of the funnel as you can, every week, every month, every quarter;
  2. Nurture those VCs over time, so when the time comes to raise another round, some of the prospects are pretty far down the path of wanting to invest; and
  3. Make sure your existing investors are your champions.  That they are singing your praises.

With endless amounts of content for updating current investors and finding potential investors we wanted to see how we can help with, “Nurturing those VCs over time“. By sending over a quick email on a monthly basis to potential investors you’ll be able to build a relationship and pique their interest when it comes time to fundraise.

How exactly do you keep potential investors engaged? We have found it best to send out a short update on the state of the business and industry. Share a promising metric or two showing strong growth in the business and any significant wins/improvements. If possible, address any concerns with the industry, team, product, etc. that you have discussed in the past with numbers. Hundreds of emails land in investor’s inboxes so be sure to include a quick snippet of what your company does and any personal notes.

By committing to future fundraising efforts now, you will save countless hours when you are ready down the road. You can find our Update template for nurturing potential investors below.

Check Out the Template Here >>>

As always, If you’d like us to drop the template into your Visible account feel free to shoot us a message to and we would be happy to do so.

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