New Feature: Recurring Updates

Mike Preuss
The Power of Consistent Investor Communication
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The Power of Consistent Investor Communication

One of the things that makes investor updates powerful is consistency. The best startups use updates to create a story, drawing lines (not dots) that demonstrate their progress in a dependable way. Through consistent investor communication, a company can signal that they will be good stewards of their investors’ capital. These are the companies investors fund and trust.

We’re thrilled to announce the next evolution of Updates on the Visible platform — Recurring Updates.

Recurring Updates will help coach our customers through habit-forming nudges aimed to make them more accountable and dependable with their stakeholder reporting.

With Recurring Updates, customers will be able to turn an Update into a Recurring Update. Recurring Updates have the following unique features:

  1. Ability to set a customized sending schedule with helpful email reminders
  2. Any charts & data visualizations will sync to the recent reporting period
  3. A send history that shows the previous updates that have been a part of the Recurring Updates series

Recurring Updates will live, anchored, in the sidebar navigation. Once a Recurring Update has been sent, we’ll show you the most recent stats for it. Ready to start your next Update in the series? Simple, just click “Start next update”.

Visible customers can learn more about Recurring Updates in this help article. Recurring Updates are live for all customers starting today!

Up & to the right,

Mike & The Visible Team