Introducing Contact Lists

Published May 13, 2016

Get ready… Over the next couple of weeks we will be making some big product announcements. Today, we’re excited to launch Contact Lists.

Contact Lists are a great way to easily build audiences for you different Updates without having to invite them to Visible. E.g. your Team, Investors, Potential Investors or Board. Watch the intro video below!

Build Audiences with Contact Lists

Adding to a contact list is simple! Just copy & paste emails directly into the box or enter them yourself. You can add many at once by separating by comma or one per line.

If you provide a contact with the formatting of: John Doe <>

We will automatically add their name in addition to email!

visible investor contacts

People can belong to many contact lists. After an Update is sent you’ll receive the Stats for the individuals from each respective Contact List.

Need some inspiration how to leverage Contact Lists? Try creating them for:

  • Your Team – Send weekly team updates and see how you are tracking against your KPI goals
  • Your Investors – Push regular investor updates and control the story of your data!
  • Potential Investors – Fundraising is 24/7/365. Build a Potential Investor list and send high level Updates and milestones in your business. Remember: Investors invest in lines not dots. Regular and comparable Updates will connect the dots!

We’re super excited about Contact Lists! They will continue to help move the needle of letting companies own the story of their data. Sign In (or up) to get started!

Up & To The Right,

-Mike & The Visible Team

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