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At certain points in a company’s life, fundraising becomes a full time job for the founders or CEO. That is, of course, in addition to all the other full time jobs that come along with…

Startup Fundraising

At certain points in a company’s life, fundraising becomes a full time job for the founders or CEO. That is, of course, in addition to all the other full time jobs that come along with being a startup founder — hiring, selling, cleaning up dirty dishes. Constant outreach, pitching, deck revisions, not to mention the time spent answering diligence requests.

Note: Our Analyst in Residence team can help with all of the above!

Add to that the impact that market conditions can have on the time it takes to get a round done — in a recent First Round Review survey of over 500 founders over 95% said they don’t expect fundraising to get any easier in the coming periods — and you’d be crazy not to look for some kind of edge to connect more effectively with investors and close them faster.

One of our goals at Visible is to improve the fundraising process for companies and there are a ton of other great tools and resources that focus on the same thing. We’ve put together some of our favorite apps, books, and platforms here in this list which was created as a Product Hunt collection and added here by using a little tool (that we also found on Product Hunt) called EmbedHunt.



Startup Fundraising Tools


Knowing your audience is crucial when pitching investors and Charlie gives the information you need to wow that audience.

Mattermark for iOS

As a startup, you may not have the budget for the Mattermark Pro but with the free iOS app, you can make sure you are targeting the right investors.


Product, market and team get a lot of investors excited but not having your numbers down is a dealbreaker and hints at a lack of professionalism. Foresight helps you make sure you know your numbers as well as any CFO or accountant would. By the way, we spoke with Taylor Davidson, founder of Foresight, to get some insight into his best practices for building a great startup financial model.


The fundraising process is no different than a sales process. Leads go in the top of the funnel and (hopefully) a term sheet comes out the bottom. Streak is a lightweight way to manage that funnel and be sure you are successfully nurturing relationships with VC investors over time.


Hey! That’s us! Visible is the best way to report your performance numbers to your potential investors, helping you combine data, visualizations, and narrative to tell a compelling story about the growth of your business.

Venture Focus

Venture Focus helps you get a start on building out the target list of VC investors for your company with an up to date database of people you should be reaching out to.


Startup Fundraising Resources

Venture Deals: Be Smarter Than Your Lawyer and VC

This is, without a doubt, the best book you can read on venture financing. Buy it for yourself and for every single person on your team.

The 20 Minute VC Podcast

We’ve talked before about the importance of thinking like an investor. This interview podcast gives you a look inside the thought process for investors like Mark Suster, Kanyi Maqubela, and Aaron Harris.

Bisided bits of wisdom from top investors to help you grow your business, raise funding, and make great hires.

We debated putting this one in the “Fundraising Fun” section since the conversations between Ludlow VC’s Jonathon Triest, Brett deMarrais and their VC guests (Tim Draper, Hunter Walk, etc.) are so lively and entertaining.

Pitch Envy

A gallery of startup pitch decks for inspiration on building your own.

Startup – Pitch Perfect 2

The story of pitching high growth business from the startup storytellers at Gimlet Media.

Berkshire Hathaway’s Letters to Shareholders

While he is known as an investor, Buffett is also an entrepreneur whose Shareholder letters are a masterclass on how to attract and retain long-term investors for your business. For a free compendium of Buffett resources, check out BuffettFAQ

The Ultimate Guide to Startup Data Distribution

Our book on building a process for tracking and disseminating key performance data about the growth of your business to all of your key stakeholder groups, of which potential investors is an important subset.

Intercom Podcast – SocialCapital’s Mamoond Hamid on Raising Capital

We also linked to this in our Reading List (which you should totally check out) but this podcast, with insights on what investors look for and how you can prepare to answer their questions most effectively, is a must-listen.


Startup Fundraising Platforms


For high-growth companies with proven traction, SeedInvest is a great platform to connect with over 14,000 individual accredited investors.


If you operate in the booming food and agriculture space, AgFunder can connect you with top investors to help accelerate your business

Angellist Funds

Raising on Angellist – where many top investors run what are known as “Syndicates” – can be a great way to tap into a network of well connected VCs, Entrepreneurs, and Angels.


Seedrs has helped European companies of all sizes – from idea stage to the publicly traded firms – raise capital more efficiently.


If your company is dependent on effective inventory purchasing and management then Kickfurther, where you leverage backers and people who love your brand to fund inventory purchase orders, can be a great place to look.

Startup Fundraising Fun

Pay $20, get advice from great investors. Awesome! But it gets better…the proceeds go to help support great charities like Code for America, Girls Who Code, and Watsi.

KPCB Edge Office Hours

KPCB Edge Office Hours lets you sign up and chat via app with the firm’s partners

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