Reading List: Hiring & Culture

“As the success of business ventures become more and more dependent on attracting and retaining talented people, competition for high quality “knowledge workers” increases. Companies who focus on measuring what actually matters and empowering team members through ownership, transparency, growth, and collaboration have a competitive advantage.” – Peter Drucker

From the Visible Foreword:

  • How to Hire From Your Friends - Eric Tobias of High Alpha takes a look at hiring from your network and shares lessons from the talent pool at High Alpha.
  • Lies Entrepreneurs Tell Themselves - Steve Blank, the Lean Startup Guru, discusses the four lies entrepreneurs tell themselves at both home and at work drawing on his experience as a founder.
  • Focusing on Actions, not Results - Seth Levine, MD of Foundry Group, shares a note from a conversation with an entrepreneur on the best way to get the team focused.
  • The Owner's Word Weighs a Ton - Jason Fried, CEO of Basecamp, shares tips for properly sharing your company vision and being sure to be conscious of your "weight" when sharing ideas.

The Archives:

  • As Peter Drucker noted over half a century ago, knowledge workers want more than just a paycheck. In What Talent Wants, we break down the 4 things talented people want out of their jobs.
  • Radical Candor - The Surprising Secret to Being a Good Boss from the First Round Review.
  • AngelList shows the value it places on autonomy in 1 (wo)man startup, where every person is expected to treat their project like a company of its own.
  • Henry Ward, CEO of eShares, shares the deck his team uses to onboard new employees in eShares 101.
  • On the Visible blog, we dive in to OKRs and explore how they can help a small team hold itself accountable.
  • Flock's Ade Olonoh notes that the default state in any startup organization is chaos and shares how you can "let the light win".