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The State of Revenue Retention with Patrick Campbell, CEO of ProfitWell

What is the best way for a SaaS company to grow? According to ProfitWell, “Acquisition is the weakest growth lever. How do we know this? We studied the levers—acquisition, retention, and monetization—of 23.4k SaaS companies. We found that monetization and…

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How To Write the Perfect Investor Update (Tips and Templates)

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All Encompassing Startup Fundraising Guide

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Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) Explained: Definitions + Formulas

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How to Build A Startup Culture That Everybody Wants

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How to Run a Board Meeting

A board meeting can be a valuable resource for both founders and investors. The key to running a great board meeting comes before the board meeting takes place. Use Visible to take your board meeting management to the next level

Tips for Creating an Investor Pitch Deck

Pitch decks are one important aspect of a fundraise, but it takes more than a good pitch to earn the trust of investors.