Ultimate Report Part 4 of 4: Marketing Demand Gen Funnel

Mike Preuss
Your Ultimate Report: Sharing Your Marketing Funnel
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Your Ultimate Report: Sharing Your Marketing Funnel

Welcome to part 4 of 4 of our Ultimate Report series. When we talk to our customers and potential customers we love to get an understanding of their “ultimate report”. It’s the report that stakeholders can quickly rally behind and understand how the business is performing, usually to a goal or target.

We’re wrapping our fall edition of the Ultimate Report series with a report that resonates with the entire Visible team, the Marketing Demand Gen Funnel.

What is it?

A funnel that is used to track marketing conversions, typically around demand generation and inbound marketing.

Who is it for?

Primarily any SaaS business relies on inbound marketing and trials to bring in new self-serve customers. However, the metrics can be changed as needed to customize for your business. e.g. SQLs instead of PQLs

How do you define the stages and metrics?

  • Marketing Site Visitors: Unique visitors that are coming to our marketing site and browsing content.
    • Suggested Integrations: Google Analytics, Mixpanel
  • Leads: We treat these as people who have downloaded our content, subscribed to our newsletter, etc. Essentially you have opted into hearing from us!
  • Trials: These are potential customers who have signed up for our free trial and started to explore the product for themselves.
  • PQLs: These are trailers who have take an action in our product that gives us an indication they are a great fit for our service. For us that is either 1) Publishing an Update or 2) Connecting 2 or more integrations
  • Customers: Pretty self-explanatory 😉 Anyone who has entered a customer relationship with us and started to pay us!

What is great about this funnel is that we don’t need to fill the top with more leads, rather we can focus on improving conversions throughout the funnel to drive growth.