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Monitor and support your portfolio from your pocket. Visible for Investors is a free tool that provides instant insights for all of your companies.

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Partner with Visible

Visible partners with Venture Firms, Accelerators, Investment Groups and technologists around the globe. There are no strings attached and your portfolio companies will get immediate benefits. Learn more about our Spectrum partner program here.

Customized KPI & update templates

Each company will be able to leverage our Update publishing tool, integration suite and world-class support.

Your portfolio is unique, so why not give your companies a tailored experience? Visible will craft a KPI & Update strategy for your companies.

Update your own investors

Provide Updates & KPI data across the portfolio directly to your own Investors. Use Visible to aggregate portfolio data and insights for your own reporting needs.

A flexible data & user architecture.

We will create an experience that works best for you and your companies.

  • Get linked up with portfolio companies already on Visible in seconds.
  • Invite new companies with your customized reporting template already in the account.
  • Own and manage the data yourself without inviting portfolio companies.

"It's important for our investors, founders, and employees to stay updated on the business, but our leadership team is always pressed for time (just like any startup). Visible lets us create attractive and easy-to-understand reports in a short amount of time."

Su Sanni CEO at WeDidIt

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