The 100th Edition of the Founders Forward: We’re here for you.

100 editions ago, we created the Founders Forward to give founders an advantage as they do the difficult work of growing their companies. We set out to be a go-to resource, collecting the best startup…

100th edition of founders forward

100 editions ago, we created the Founders Forward to give founders an advantage as they do the difficult work of growing their companies. We set out to be a go-to resource, collecting the best startup advice on the web in one place, week after week. Our aim has remained the same—helping entrepreneurs and startups succeed.

100 editions later, and we’re going stronger than ever. We’ve shared 878 articles, written by 572 different writers to over 10,000 startup leaders just like you. Below we share our 5 most popular original articles and 5 most popular shared articles from our first 100 editions. Thanks you so much for reading. Here’s to many more.

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Our Top 5 Original Articles

Why We Love Net Promoter Score – We’re huge fans of the NPS (Net Promoter Score) at Visible. In our newest blog post, we cover all things NPS and break in down into four sections: What NPS is, why we love it, how we implement it, and what unanswered NPS surveys mean.

Board Meeting Packet Template – We put together a Pre-Board Meeting Update Template that you can share with your board to help you make the most of your meeting time. Sending over a quick packet before your next board meeting will allow everyone to come prepared to discuss the topics that truly matter to the business.

The Friday Note Challenge – Andrew Clark challenges company founders and leaders: spend the rest of the year writing Friday Notes for your team. We think you’ll be very happy with the results.

Debt vs. Equity Financing – At Visible, we’ve had the opportunity to raise both equity and debt financing. Check out our learnings from our experience raising both equity and debt financing.

How to Keep Potential Investors Engaged – With endless amounts of content for updating current investors and finding potential investors we wanted to see how we can help with, “nurturing those VCs over time.” By sending over a quick email on a monthly basis to potential investors you’ll be able to build a relationship and pique their interest when it comes time to fundraise.

Top 5 Shared Articles

Modeling Your Startup’s Future: Template for SaaS Startups – In the 5th iteration of his SaaS Financial Model, Mike Simmons, the CEO of CredSimple, offers an open sourced Google Sheet template with explanations and resources for the components in the model; ranging from hiring, fundraising, and growth plans.

Why Investor Updates are Really, Really Important – In his storied career as an investor and founder, Jason Calacanis has written and seen countless investor updates come across his desk. He has even gone as far to create “Jason’s Rule of Startups“; “If your startup isn’t sending you monthly updates it’s going out of business”.

Slack-off Fridays: What Happened When One Team Experienced a Day Without Slack – Kevan Lee, Director of Marketing at Buffer, explains what happened when his team decided to test not using Slack on Fridays and the overall reaction from the team.

9 Key Milestones from Seed to Series A – Louis Coppey of Point Nine Capital breaks down a presentation on the 9 milestones for raising a Series A and scaling from $10k to $100k in MRR.

An Alternative Way to Communicate Vision as a CEO – Mikael Cho, Founder & CEO of Unsplash, shares how he has changed how he shares the company vision at Unsplash.

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