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Using Email Tracking to Keep Your Sales Team on Track

Five or ten years ago, it probably seemed creepy. Even today, some people don’t like the idea of having the those you receive emails from know when you open, when you click and when you forward their messages. For a salesperson, however, using email tracking software – whether Sidekick from Hubspot, YesWare, or one of the number of others that offer the feature – is a standard practice.

Email tracking software helps us gain a better understanding of how our customers and potential customers are interacting with the emails and content we are sending and helps us adjust our messaging to communicate more effectively. A lot of what can be gained from using email tracking is tactically oriented:

“Link A gets more clicks and drives more downstream conversions than Link B when sent to venture investors, send Link A more.”

“Amy is looking at my email now, I should give her a call since I know she is busy and this may be the one time I can get her attention for a few minutes today.”

Those points of feedback for critical for a data driven sales team. Potentially more important, though, is the subtle reminder we get each time someone opens our message and that notification pops up on our phone or laptop:

Someone on the other end of the line is actually spending the time to read what we wrote.

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It is a reminder that we should keep emails personal, unique, relevant and action oriented so that we are not wasting our time or the time of our targets. We know it is true but seldom have the time to think about it when sending out our 30th prospect email or responding to the same objection for the 5th time today.

Often, all it takes is one good or bad interaction to make or break a potential deal. And, although it isn’t easy, every salesperson should all be putting in the effort to make every point of communication with prospects and customers – over email, the phone, or in person – as positive as possible. Utilizing email tracking is a great way to keep yourself and your team honest and stay on the right track to achieving that goal.

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