4 Tear Sheet Examples to Give You Inspiration for Your Next LP Report

Published September 2, 2021
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Tear Sheets (also known as one-pagers or fact sheets) are an effective way to communicate the performance of your portfolio on an individual company level. In Venture Capital, tear sheets are commonly shared with Limited Partners (LPs) on a quarterly basis to keep investors updated on company performance. 

You can also use tear sheets to provide a summary of just new additions to the portfolio in your Quarterly LP Update. Examples of LP Update templates can be found here.

Some common elements that should be included in tear sheets are: 

  • Company context – Include details such as the company description, sector, HQ location for context. 
  • Investment performance – Cost, value, board information
  • Financial metrics (Optional)* – Revenue, Cash Balance, Burn Rate, Runway
  • Company-specific KPIs (Optional)* – Keep this consistent for each reporting cycle. 
  • Commentary – Add your own analysis on company metrics and performance. 

*Tip: Keep in mind your portfolio companies’ level of desired discretion with LPs and keep the level of detail shared for each portfolio company consistent across your tear sheets.

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