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Simple, yet powerful data visualizations and dashboards. Tell the story of your businesses key performance indicators. 

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Intuitive and Robust

Our chart builder is simple to use with powerful options under the hood.

  • You don’t need to be a data scientist or know SQL to use our chart builder. With a couple clicks represent your data in a meaningful way.
  • Drag and drop your charts to customize the look and feel of every dashboard.

Tell your story with annotations and goals

Use our annotations tool to call out specific data points and give context to your data.

With goals you can quickly show everyone how you are trending towards your organizational goals.

Dynamic and Flexible

  • Transform your data on the fly by aggregating data to different periods. Easily show daily, weekly, monthly or yearly trends.
  • Customize each charts range with our range selector tool and never have to update any chart again.

Built to be shared

Share your dashboards with any of your Lists or particular individuals. Key features include:

  • Granular permissioning on a per dashboard basis.
  • Powerful analytics for how people are interacting with your dashboards.

Business Intelligence out of the box

With each metric we calculate additional metrics in the background for you.

  • Growth changes, rolling averages and cumulative totals calculated for you.
  • With one click, add additional axis to provide more context.

Exportable when needed

Export any of your charts to high resolution image files. Great for easily putting your visualizations in Powerpoint, Keynote or any other tool.

One click Add to Update lets you quickly add an Update to a chart and send it out!

Visible is my one stop shop for sending all updates to investors, board of directors or even exec team members.

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