[Webinar Recording] Improving post-investment operations at your VC firm

Belle Raab
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Watch a recorded conversation with VC Ops experts about improving post-investment operations at your VC firm.

Collectively Kristen Ostro from Strut Consulting & Let’s Talk Ops and Lacey Behrens from 01 Advisors have been exposed to operations at dozens of top-tier VC’s. We’ve invited them to share their advice about implementing best-in-class operations at a venture firm.

This webinar is designed for anyone looking to improve operations at their Venture Capital firm.

Watch the Webinar

Topics Discussed:

  • Tips for working with your fund admin
  • How Lacey runs Portfolio Review Meetings at 01 Advisors
  • How to tailor onboarding for portfolio companies
  • Tools that help improve post-investment operations
  • How to measure whether operational changes are working or not
  • Advice for first-time platform or VC operations hires

Watch the Webinar