[Webinar Recording] Building Scalable Portfolio Support

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Recorded on July 26, 2022
Portfolio support plays an important part in differentiating good investors from great investors. However, it can be hard to execute on value-add activities when time and resources are constrained, which is why building *scalable* support is key. This webinar was designed for investors, vc operators, and anyone interested in improving the way they support their portfolio companies.
Hosted by
Jessica Lowenstein
Jessica Lowenstein
Head of Platform @ K50 Ventures
Erica Amatori
Erica Amatori
Head of Platform @ Left Lane Capital

Topics discussed during the webinar: 

  • How each fund defines its approach to support
  • What systems/processes are needed to scale support
  • Tips for onboarding new companies into your portfolio
  • Navigating information flow between the investment team and ops
  • Advice for junior/first-time platform hires