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Slack Your Updates

Send Investor and Team Updates in Slack

Today we are launching our Slack integration into beta! You’ll be able to publish Visible Updates to any of your Slack channels in addition to other current publishing methods (email, PDF, shareable link).

visible and slack integration

We’ll show a preview of the Update text and the first chart or image in your Slack channel with a link to view the rest!

Instantly collaborate with your team member and other stakeholders in your Slack channel around any of your Updates.

Looking for some inspiration?

  • Send your True North Metric to your company wide channel to show progress towards goal with commentary.
  • Show your #sales channel how you are pacing for the current period.
  • Visualize your ARR movements to keep the entire company on the same page.

Stay tuned as this is just the beginning for our Slack integration!

Up & to the right,

Mike & The Visible Team

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