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Build beautiful business reports combining data sources, images and rich text. All in the cloud and at your fingertips.

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Communication is the lifeblood of any organization...

..While data is driving more decisions than ever.

Visible Updates combine the best of qualitative information and quantitative data and turns it into beautiful, shareable business reports.

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visible update with side by side charts

Start with your audience

The best stories always start with the audience in mind.

Utilize Visible’s lists functionality to segment different groups of your key stakeholders.

Ditch presentations and spreadsheets

Embed rich components into each Update. Use rich text, data visualizations and images to power the story you are telling.

Leverage our data source integrations to have your data on-demand and at your fingertips.

Create a cadence

Make any Update a recurring template. Decide when you want your Updates to be drafted for you.

We’ll take care of the rest by updating the data dynamically and letting you know when your Update is ready to send.


Pick your medium

Tailor the medium to your message. Each Update can be directly rendered in email, shared via link or saved to a PDF.

Advanced Analytics

Understand who is engaged. Every Update published via Visible comes with advanced reporting analytics.

Know who has opened your Updates, click a link and the last time your content was viewed. Update stats provide the ultimate feedback loop.

Utilizing Visible Updates

In this video you'll learn how to utilize Visible updates for your different stakeholder reporting and data story telling.

We'll cover the different rich components, analytics and the different types of Updates that can be published.

The release of 'Visible Updates' was a game changer; Visible Updates has allowed me to better communicate how our business is performing to our investors and our team.

Previously, my reports to our team and investors were staid, boring, plain text emails with a link to a Google spreadsheet. When I crafted my first Visible Updates, it was polished, professional and painless. Visible did all the heavy lifting. I can include beautiful visualizations without much effort.

Michael Tan
Director of Finance at Unbounce

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