Recurring Updates – Building Better Habits

Published July 20, 2016

We always strive to reduce the friction for letting companies tell the right story to the right stakeholder at the right time. Recurring Updates is our latest step in that direction.

Recurring Updates simply let you choose a time period on which you would like your Updates to be prompted to send (think of them as recurring calendar invites but for your data and reports). You can have your investor updates recur every month, team updates every week and board reports every quarter. We’ll automatically grab your new data for the respective period and all you have to do is provide the context.

Create a Cadence

Utilizing Recurring Updates will get you into a cadence and form a great behavior over time. Your stakeholders will know that they will hear from you in a timely, professional and visual way. You’ll be able to leverage your stakeholders and spend valuable time diving into major issues in your business by saving time on your stakeholder updates.



Build a Rapport

Your stakeholders will be more engaged in the business than ever. The secret to all great relationships is communication. Your stakeholder relationships are no different. Recurring Updates make it easy to invest in your stakeholder relationships without having to invest too much of your time.


Utilize our Contact Lists functionality to segment various groups of stakeholders and use them in your various Recurring Updates.

Business Intelligence for your Stakeholders

With any Update sent on Visible we close the loop providing the sender with detailed analytics of who is engaging with the content you’ve crafted. Quickly understanding who is engaged and disengaged. You’ll know exactly where to start a conversation with any stakeholder.



  • Q: How do I create a Recurring Update?
    • A: Easy. When you are sending an Update we’ll ask you if you would like to make it recurring. You can also create one from the templates section in your Visible account. Find step by step instructions in our knowledge base.
  • Q: Do Recurring Updates automatically send?
    • A: No. They are put in a draft in your Visible account. Only those with edit access to Updates can see the drafts. You still have to hit send and are able to make any changes (or delete it completely). Someday we may let you automatically publish Updates but that would be an explicit action and setting.
  • Q: Is there a limit to how many Recurring Updates I can have?
    • A: No! You can have as many Recurring Updates as you like!
  • Q: Why should I be using Recurring Updates?
    • A: They’ll save hours of time but more importantly they will help you create a great behavior that will let you attract more talent and more investment dollars.
  • Q: Am I reminded when I have a Recurring Update?
    • A: Yes! We’ll send you an email reminding you that the Update is in draft and link directly to it so you can make any changes and send!

We hope you enjoy. As always, let us know if you have any questions or feedback. You can directly schedule a quick 15 minute consultation by clicking this link.

Up & To the Right!

-The Visible Team



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