Q3 Product Updates

Published October 7, 2016

With Q3 in the books, we put together a wrap up of all the improvements that have been introduced on Visible over the past 3 months.

Recurring Updates

We launched recurring updates so companies can focus on telling their story to their stakeholders without having to worry about the cadence or creation of the Update.


Recurring Updates help build a rapport with the most influential people in your business. They are great for frequent team updates, investor updates and for fundraising. Read more about them on our blog: https://visible.vc/blog/recurring-updates/


Business Intelligence Layer

With our new BI layer, we are automatically calculating 5 additional metrics for each metric provided.


Easily show growth changes, rolling averages and more. We also improved charting so you can add as many axes as you wish! Read more about the BI layer on our knowledge base.


Shareable Dashboards

With Shareable Dashboards you can have tight control over who can see what. You may want certain data available to your board which could be different than your team or potential investors.


Shareable dashboards are part of a much larger push towards what we are calling Visible 3.0 which you can read more about on our blog: https://visible.vc/blog/visible-3-0-note-ceo/


Other Improvements

In addition to some major features above we also launched the following:

  • Ability to search Updates & pagination to increase speed.
  • New color palette options to give your data a unique twist.
  • Charting frequency improvements to customize when charts start/end.
  • Exporting Metrics, great for pivot table analysis.


Coming Soon…

We have some exciting integrations lined up with Zapier, appFigures and Mixpanel. Should you wish to get on any of the beta programs and provide feedback email us at beta@visible.vc


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