[Webinar Recording] Leveraging portfolio analysis to improve your fund’s IRR

Belle Raab
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A recent poll of VCs shows that some of the primary reasons investors collect financial data from portfolio companies is to improve their post-investment support (66%) and inform future investment decisions (44%). To do this well, investors need to be able to analyze their portfolio company data through an advanced financial lens so they can extract actionable insights that lead to improved fund performance.

We recently sat down for a conversation on Leveraging Portfolio Analysis to Improve your Fund’s IRR with Kristian Marquez, CFA. Kristian is the CEO of FinStrat Management and a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) charterholder since 2004.

The webinar was designed for people working in Venture Capital who want to level up the way they understand and analyze their portfolio companies’ financial performance data.

Topics Discussed:

  • The WHY behind surfacing portfolio insights
  • Where to find benchmark data and how to use it
  • Top 4 performance indicators, what they mean, and how to calculate them
  • Using dashboards in Visible to evaluate portfolio company performance
  • Tips for moving from analysis to action