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  This week we are featuring Crowdhall. They were actually one of the first companies invited to Visible—very much in our “MVP” stage. They were part of The Brandery and now part…


This week we are featuring Crowdhall. They were actually one of the first companies invited to Visible—very much in our “MVP” stage.

They were part of The Brandery and now part of The Downtown Project in Vegas. I actually got to crash at their live/work space when I was checking out The Downtown Project.

The Q&A’s they host are awesome, make sure to check out some of the ones below.

What is Crowdhall in a sentence or two?

Easily host interactive online town halls with an audience of any size.

What is your business model?

Town Hall hosts pay for each CrowdHall event, which can either be embedded on their own site, or hosted on a CrowdHall page.

Who are some of the most interesting examples of people using Crowdhall?

  • U.S. Senator John Boozman used a CrowdHall Q&A to host an online town hall where constituents shared their ideas on how to make Washington’s agenda work for Arkansas. Senator Boozman used CrowdHall to respond to questions from over 2,000 citizens — who participated in the week-long Q&A, asking the Senator 351 questions and submitting 6,938 votes on posted content. https://crowdhall.com/h/37/
  • Teach for America recruiters used a CrowdHall Q&A to give thousands of applicants an opportunity to ask current teachers anything about their TFA experience. TFA teachers engaged a crowd of 1,200 applicants and provided them with valuable insight through candid video and text responses to crowd-sourced questions. https://crowdhall.com/h/133/
  • UC Irvine’s admissions team used a CrowdHall Q&A to connect over a thousand applicants with current students and admissions officers who provided 175 answers to all questions UC Irvine-related. Each applicant spent an average 17 minutes reading through answers posted by UC Irvine. https://crowdhall.com/h/125/
  • U.S. Senator Michael Bennet used CrowdHall to source ideas for naming the new Colorado Patent office. https://crowdhall.com/h/61/

What has been the biggest surprise to you since starting Crowdhall?

The biggest surprise for me was seeing how much thought and work go into each detail of a website. Before I was personally involved I never really thought about the navigation, menus, buttons, and general user flow on the pages I would visit. But now I see how important each of those decisions is and how much thought goes into those details.

Do you have any company traditions? Any unique culture “hacks”?

The most important common element with each memeber of our team is a good sense of humor. Our company communication, whether on email threads or HipChat, is 25% business, 75% making fun of ourselves and other assorted bad jokes.

What metrics are key to Crowdhall?

The key metric for us is how many people are hosting CrowdHalls. Within each hall, though, there is an assortment of engagement metrics that we track closely, like # of questions, votes, and comments, repeat visits, etc.

How do you currently update your investors?

To report to investors, we use visible every month, as well as email newsletters.

What is next for Crowdhall? What has you excited?

We just launched a new homepage and a number of great new features at crowdhall.com, so we’re excited to see how those work out for our clients. So far, the reception has been great.


(the Crowdhall live/work loft in downtown Vegas)

Make sure to check out Crowdhall! You can also find them on TwitterFacebook, and AngelList.

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