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Our Rich Text Editor

An easy-to-use rich text editor that makes creating your stakeholder Updates a breeze. Take your Updates to the next level with charts, tables, images, files, and more.

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Share your Updates via email, link, PDF, or Slack and know that your text and format will have a professional polish.

A frictionless Editing Experience

Easily drag and drop components in the Update editor and quickly upload files & images.

We are able to publish updates with little to no effort. Our group of investors is quite extensive, and we think they are even more committed now that they have access to our Visible updates.

Kathryn Stewart

CEO of Knowbly

More than Text

Professionalize your Update by including the content types below


Back up your ideas by including charts and data from your Visible account.


Want a simpler view? Use tables to showcase your metrics. Give additional context by including tables of data.


Attach decks, spreadsheets, docs, and more to beautifully display inline with your text.


Drag & drop images from your computer to give your Updates extra character.

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