Your hub for portfolio and investment management

Unlock your portfolio data to manage investments and make informed decisions when deploying capital.

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Your source of truth for your growing portfolio

Investors who have a system in place to collect their portfolio and investment data will be able to spend their time where it matters most — helping current founders and finding new investments.

Automatically integrate your investment data with the metrics you are collecting first hand from your portfolio companies to uncover new insights and build convinction around your next investment.

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Post investment management tools — all in one place

Portfolio Metrics

Collect and analyze financial, operational, and impact metrics


Store notes on the reporting or company performance

Investment Data

Track portfolio and company performance


Save files provided by companies or by your team


Create and store shareable tear sheets, dashboards, and LP reports

“The last request we sent out was so simple on our end and we really appreciate how the data is so crisp and clean when it autofills into our reports and dashboards.”

Shaina, Portfolio Operations @ Wavemaker

Investment management. Made easy.

Keep tabs on existing and potential investments to understand your ownership. Simply enter in key investment data (like investment amount, FMV, valuations, etc.) and we’ll automatically create company and portfolio wide reports. We currently support 3 major types of investments:

  • SAFEs
  • Convertible Notes
  • Equity rounds

Automate your portfolio data collection

Create custom Update Requests for your different portfolio segments and we’ll handle the rest! Visible intelligently takes care of reminders & follow ups saving you valuable time each month.

Prompt for key metrics, files, operating information and qualitative updates.

Leverage your data to make informed decisions

Automatically combine your portfolio company metrics with investment data to uncover new insights about your portfolio and founder performance. Easily display your data and share it to your most important stakeholders using beatiful Updates, Dashboards, and Tear Sheets.

Streamline the creation of beautiful LP reports

Use Update Request to ask portfolio companies for key metrics, files, operating information,and qualitative Updates to power your tear sheets. Create a tear sheet template, select your portfolio companies, and sit back while we automatically generate your tear sheet PDFs.

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We partner with VC firms to help startups improve their odds of success. As a Visible Venture Partner we provide you with a range of solutions that can be customized to your firm’s, and most importantly your founders, needs & goals.

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