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With the right platform, any business, small or large, can embrace regular stakeholder communication to keep the company moving in the right direction.

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Effortlessly centralize, visualize, and distribute your company's most vital data

Automate and centralize your investor reporting

  • Easily bring in data from our integrations, add context, and push Updates to keep your investors in the loop.

Empower your investors to help them help you

  • Build a data distribution system, using dashboards and Updates, to give investors the insight they need to help the business.
send visible update to investors

Build a predictable cadence with your investors

Spend the valuable time with your investors on what truly matters

  • Utilize recurring updates and reports to get to the bottom of what is most important for every stakeholder to focus on from day to day.

Turn investors into advisors

  • Investors have been there before. Give them the clarity and data they need to leverage their experience and connections.

Utilizing Visible Updates

In this video you'll learn how to utilize Visible updates for your different stakeholder reporting and data story telling.

We'll cover the different rich components, analytics and the different types of Updates that can be published.

As a young-ish SaaS startup, investors are not just people who gave you money that one time, they are your biggest cheerleaders and advisors. They can't tell others how awesome you are if they don't know and conversely can't give sage advice if they don't know you're struggling.

Using Visible, the feedback was immediate; people were replying back asking what new tool I was using to craft my update. I was able to use the Visible Updates metrics to determine how many of the people I sent the update out to were actually reading them.

I now look forward to crafting my monthly updates

Michael Tan
Unbounce - Finance Director

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