Empower your team

CEOs set the tone for the company culture. Build a culture of transparency and trust by regularly communicating with your team.

Communication is the lifeblood of relationships

Employees want to understand how the company is performing, how they are impacting results, and the ability to collaborate with other teammates.

It starts with with the CEO

The culture and tone of a company are set by the CEO. Use open and predictable communication to build trust throughout your organization.

Visible does all the hard work in producing the numbers, charts, graphs, and trendlines that tell the transparent story of our company—wins, losses, growth, challenges.

R.J. Taylor

CEO & Founder of Pattern89

Use data to drive growth

Use our powerful chart editor to beautifully display metrics coming from different data sources.

Communicate where your team is already working

Share dashboards and Updates with your team via email, link, Slack, or embed on your own site so they don’t need to remember yet another login.

Predictable communication

Set a regular cadence so your team can expect when they should be receiving Updates on the state of the business.

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