What We Learned From Amanda Goetz About Branding and Wellness

Matt Preuss
Marketing Manager
About Amanda What You Can Expect to Learn From Amanda Related Resources
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On episode 2 of the Founders Forward Podcast we are joined by Amanda Goetz, CMO of Teal and Founder at House of Wise. Before taking the leap into her second time as a founder, Amanda was the VP of Marketing at The Knot. With her experience in branding and recent jump to starting House of Wise we couldn’t think of a better guest to chat about all things branding and founder life.

About Amanda

House of Wise is empowering women to take control of their sleep, sex, stress, and wealth with luxury CBD products made with real women in mind. Give Amanda a follow on Twitter to stay up to date on the House of Wise. If you’re interested in learning more about CBD and wellness, be sure to give the episode below a listen.

Amanda shared her story from founder to operator back to founder, how startups can leverage part time executives, how to build a brand, and how she deals with the stress of being a founder and part-time executive, and much more. Mike Preuss, CEO of Visible, had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Amanda. You can give the full episode a listen below (or in any of your favorite podcast apps).

What You Can Expect to Learn From Amanda

  • How she went from founder to operator to part time founder/executive.
  • How startup founders can leverage a part time executive
  • How she structures her day and stays productive
  • The importance of knowing your body and rhythms to be a better leader and executive
  • How she has stayed sane with the pressures of being a founder
  • How she raised capital for House of Wise

Related Resources

We created the Founders Forward Podcast to learn from people like Amanda. For founders that are taking the dive or seasoned founders alike, Amanda has plenty of powerful takeaways. As you scale your business, having the right guides at your side can make all of the difference. Each episode we’ll talk to fellow founders, investors and experts. We’ll dive into their zone of genius as well as hear about their past mistakes to give you a better chance of success.

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