What this Founder Learned From Going Through Y Combinator 3 Times

Published December 23, 2020

On episode 6 of the Founders Forward Podcast we welcome Yin Wu, CEO and Founder of Pulley. Pulley is a cap table platform for hyper-growth startups. Pulley is the third company that Yin has started so it is safe to say she knows the ins and outs of building a startup.

With her first 2 startups successfully exiting Yin has her eye’s set on a new market and issue that all founder face — cap tables and valuations. During her first bouts as a founder Yin had the realization that “no one starts a company because they want to pair this spreadsheet. You start a company cause there’s this vision, this idea that you want to bring it to this world.” In addition to sharing her learnings from building 3 companies, Yin also shares how founders should think about fundraising, cap table management, and distributing equity.

Our CEO, Mike Preuss, had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Yin. You can give the full episode a listen below (or in any of your favorite podcast apps).

What You Can Expect to Learn from Yin:

  • Why Pulley wants to lower the bar to make it easier for founders to start a company
  • Why founders should own 20% of their company by the time they raise a Series A
  • Why they believe founder led companies are more successful in the long run
  • How they are approaching hiring, mostly past founders, at Pulley
  • How they are building their culture at Pulley
  • How they approached their $10M funding round at Pulley
  • What she learned from going through Y Combinator 3 times

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