16+ Top Venture Capital Firms in Boston in 2024

Matt Preuss
Marketing Manager

Boston has long been a powerhouse for innovation and entrepreneurship, making it a prime location for startups and venture capital. Renowned for its prestigious universities and research institutions, the city fosters a rich intellectual capital and cutting-edge technology environment. The startup scene in Boston is vibrant and diverse, supported by a strong network of venture capital firms that provide essential funding and mentorship. This thriving ecosystem offers founders access to a wealth of resources, including accelerators, incubators, and a collaborative community of entrepreneurs and investors, making Boston an ideal place for launching and growing new ventures.

At Visible, we often compare a venture capital fundraise to a traditional B2B sales and marketing funnel. At the top of your funnel, you are looking for qualified investors. In the middle of your funnel, you are nurturing potential investors with pitch decks, meetings, and email updates. At the bottom of your funnel, you are hopefully closing new investors.

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Just as a sales and marketing funnel starts by finding qualified leads, the same is true for a venture fundraise. For some, this might start by finding investors (or leads) that are in a certain geography.

For founders located in Boston, check out a list of our favorite VC funds in Boston below:

1. General Catalyst Partners

As put by the team at General Catalyst Partners, “We work with companies through their entire lifecycle—from the earliest stages through growth and beyond. Our team has expertise in all phases of company building and can add real value at every inflection point. No matter where they are in their journey, we always aspire to be a founder’s first call—connecting them to the relationships that matter most.”

Focus and industry: General Catalyst invests across every sector. They specifically mention consumer, enterprise, fintech & crypto, and health assurance on their website.

Funding stage: General Catalyst invests across every stage — “from creation to IPO.”

General Catalyst is on of the biggest names in the venture industry. They’ve raised 15 funds dating back to 2001. The team invests in companies across every sector, in every stage, across the globe. A few of their most popular investments include:

  • Stripe
  • Warby Parker
  • Hubspot
  • Airbnb

Location: Cambridge, MA – New York – London – San Francisco

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Learn more about General Catalyst by checking out their Visible Connect profile →

2. Battery Ventures

As put by the team at Battery Ventures, “We back founders and talented teams at all stages of growth, from startups to established market leaders. We are currently investing from our 14th flagship fund, Battery Ventures XIV, and companion fund Select Fund II, together capitalized at a combined $3.8 billion.”

Focus and industry: Battery Ventures invests in many sectors but specifically mentions application software, infrastructure software, consumer, and industrial tech on their website.

Funding stage: The team at Battery Ventures invests in companies across all stages

Battery Ventures has been investing since 1983. Over their 40 years of investing, they’ve funded 450+ companies. Battery Ventures will invest in companies across all stages across the globe. Check out a few of their most popular investments below:

  • Affirm
  • Amplitude
  • Invision

Location: Boston – San Francisco – Menlo Park – Tel Aviv – London – New York City

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Learn more about Battery Ventures by checking out their Visible Connect profile →

3. Polaris Partners

As put by the team at Polaris Partners, “Since 1996, Polaris has been guided by the fundamental beliefs that people come first and true partnerships make all the difference.

Rooted in mutual respect and a shared passion for innovation, our relationships with outstanding visionaries principally in technology and healthcare have helped to change the world for the better.”

Focus and industry: The team at Polaris is focused on healthcare and life science/biotechnology companies

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Funding stage: The team at Polaris Partners does not publicly stage their stage focus.

Polaris Partners has been funding healthcare businesses for 20+ years. Polaris has raised 10 funds focused on funding companies in healthcare and technology. A few of their most popular investments include:

  • Syros
  • SimplyInsured
  • Amunix

Location: Boston – New York – San Francisco

Learn more about Polaris Partners by checking out their Visible Connect profile →

4. Summit Partners

As put by their team, “Summit Partners was founded in 1984 with a commitment to find and partner with exceptional entrepreneurs to help them accelerate their growth and achieve dramatic results.

Since then, Summit has become the investment partner of choice for many of the best growth companies in the world. We’ve grown to a team of more than 115 investment professionals, led by Managing Directors and Partners whose tenures average more than 16 years with Summit. We have the capital and team to support your growth initiatives.”

Focus and industry: Summit Partners is focused on technology, healthcare & life science, and growth products

Funding stage: The team at Summit Partners is focused on growth-stage companies and typically writes checks between $10M and $500M

As put by their team, “We invest around the world and have portfolio companies in North and South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa. Based from offices in North America and Europe, our team travels the globe in search of growing companies and the resources to support them.” A few of their most popular investments include:

  • WebEx
  • Uber
  • Reverb

Location: Boston, MA

5. .406 Ventures

As put by the team at .406 Ventures, “We invest in opportunities where we understand the need and your company’s technology solution; where we have deep, relevant networks; and where we believe we can add disproportionate value as a partner, investor, and board member. Our initial investments are typically between $2 and $5 million with substantial additional capital reserved for follow-on investment.”

Focus and industry: The team at .406 Ventures focuses on cybersecurity, digital health, and data & cloud companies.

Funding stage: .406 Ventures is focused on early-stage companies and typically writes checks between $2M and $5M.

As put by their team, “When we were building our own entrepreneurial companies, we found that it was often our independent board members, not the VC board members, who contributed the most value. Invariably, it was the independent board members who had the deep experience and strong operational networks—and who had been in our shoes. At .406, we aim to bring these qualities, in addition to capital, to every one of our portfolio companies. It is our goal to be the most valuable member on your board.” Some of their most popular investments include:

  • Compass
  • Nomad Health
  • Randori

Location: Boston, MA

6. OpenView

According to their team, “OpenView, the expansion stage venture firm, helps build software companies into market leaders. Through our Expansion Platform, we help companies hire the best talent, acquire and retain the right customers and partner with industry leaders so they can dominate their markets. Our focus on the expansion stage makes us uniquely suited to provide truly tailored operational support to our portfolio companies.”

Focus and industry: OpenView Partners is focused on companies that are “changing the future of work.”

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Funding stage: OpenView Partners is focused on expansion-stage companies.

OpenView is largely associated with “product-led growth” and has backed some of the most prolific and successful SaaS companies. With their focus on the future of work companies + expansion stage companies, OpenView offers resources to help companies tackle all aspects of expansion stage growth. A few of their most popular investments include:

  • Calendly
  • Lessonly
  • Datadog

Location: Boston, MA

Learn more about OpenView Partners by checking out their Visible Connect profile

7. 1414 Ventures

As put by their team, “1414 Ventures is focused solely on the digital identity space which supports functions such as payments, cybersecurity, and data privacy & trust. Given the exponential surge in virtual and digital transactions/interactions over the last year combined with increased security, fraud prevention, and privacy needs, there is a huge opportunity for next-generation digital identity startups.”

Focus and industry: 1414 Ventures invests in companies that are “focused on creating innovative digital identity solutions.”

Funding stage: Pre-seed and seed-stage companies

1414 Ventures has an intense focus on companies that are developing the future of digital identity. Some of 1414 Ventures’ most popular investments are:

  • SingularKey
  • Tautuk
  • SwiftConnect

Location: Boston, MA

8. Mendoza Ventures

As put by their team, “Mendoza Ventures is an early and growth stage Fintech, AI, and Cybersecurity venture fund that provides an actively managed approach to VC. We invest in areas where we have deep domain expertise, companies with early revenue, a clear value proposition, and use a proven due diligence model. We focus on diversity as playing an important role in our investment decisions, as roughly 75% of our portfolio consists of start-ups led by immigrants, people of color, and women.”

Focus and industry: Mendoza is focused on Fintech, AI, and Cybersecurity companies.

Funding stage: Mendoza Ventures is focused on early and growth-stage companies

On their website, Mendoza further explains their background and foundation, “Based in Boston, Mendoza Ventures is women-owned and the first LatinX-owned venture fund on the East Coast. The firm is run by husband and wife Adrian and Senofer Mendoza, entrepreneurs and prior operators who are veterans of the Boston start-up ecosystem.” Some of their most popular investments include:

  • Canvas
  • Senso
  • Daylight

Location: Boston – San Francisco

Learn more about Mendoza Ventures by checking out their Visible Connect profile →

9. HLM Venture Partners

As put by their team, “HLM provides venture capital to early- to mid-stage health care information technology, health care services, and medical device companies. HLM has helped over 75 privately-held health care companies turn innovative ideas into market-leading businesses. The Company’s investment professionals have over 125 years of collective expertise in the health care industry, an accumulation of knowledge and experience that is invaluable to the leadership of its portfolio companies.”

Focus and industry: HLM Venture Partners are focused on healthcare services and companies.

Funding stage: HLM offers early to mid-stage capital.

HLM Venture Partners has invested in 75+ companies. Some of their most popular investments are:

  • Able To
  • Blue Rabbit
  • Tebra

Location: Waltham, MA

10. Venrock

As put by the team at Venrock, “Originally established as the venture capital arm of the Rockefeller family in 1969, Venrock partners with entrepreneurs to build some of the world’s most disruptive, successful companies. With a primary focus on technology and healthcare.”

Focus and industry: The team at Venrock is focused on investing in technology and healthcare companies

Funding stage: Venrock invests across all stages

Venrock is an original player in the venture capital space. Over their history, they have invested in 700 companies and have raised 10 funds. They’ve invested in some of the most prolific companies such as:

  • Apple
  • Nest
  • Zoominfo

Location: New York – Palo Alto

11. Third Rock Ventures

As put by the team at Third Rock Ventures, “To achieve what hadn’t been done before, we created a process that hadn’t been done before. By starting with big ideas and fostering collaboration among brilliant people with expertise in science, medicine, business, and strategy, we set out to do more than fund startups – we aim to build sustainable, innovative companies that can transform the lives of patients.”

Focus and industry: Third Rock Ventures focuses on biotechnology companies

Funding stage: Third Rock Ventures does not publicly list a specific stage or check size

As put by their team, “We build our companies on a solid foundation, instilling core values and a commitment to a great culture. Our companies are based on bold ideas that meet at the intersection of science, business, medicine, and strategy – where transformational science meets operational rigor – providing the best opportunity to make a dramatic difference in patient’s lives.” Some of their most popular investments include:

  • Celsius
  • Faze Medicines
  • Moma

Location: Boston – San Francisco

Learn more about Third Rock Ventures by checking out their Visible Connect profile →

12. Boston Seed Capital

Boston Seed Capital is a well-established venture capital firm dedicated to investing in early-stage technology companies. With a focus on fostering innovation and growth, Boston Seed Capital provides not only financial support but also strategic guidance and resources to help startups thrive. Founders working with Boston Seed Capital benefit from the firm’s extensive network, expertise, and commitment to building successful businesses.

Focus and industry:

Boston Seed Capital primarily focuses on technology-driven industries. They invest in sectors such as software, digital media, e-commerce, and internet services. The firm is particularly interested in companies that leverage innovative technologies to disrupt traditional markets and create new opportunities.

Funding stage:

They typically invest in early-stage companies, including pre-seed and seed rounds. Their investment amounts generally range from $250,000 to $2.5 million in seed rounds.


Located in the heart of Boston on Atlantic Avenue.

Learn more about Boston Seed Capital by checking out their Visible Connect profile here

13. Boston Millenia Partners

Boston Millenia Partners is a distinguished venture capital firm known for its strategic investments in innovative companies. With a strong track record of identifying and nurturing high-potential businesses, Boston Millenia Partners is dedicated to providing both financial support and strategic expertise. Founders partnering with this firm benefit from their deep industry knowledge, extensive network, and a collaborative approach to building successful enterprises.

Focus and industry: Boston Millenia Partners primarily focuses on industries such as healthcare, life sciences, and technology. They are particularly interested in companies that are at the forefront of medical innovations, digital health solutions, and advanced technological developments.

Funding stage: Boston Millenia Partners typically invests in later-stage companies, including growth and expansion stages but they also invest in seed rounds. They provide substantial financial backing, with investment amounts generally ranging from $1 million to $15 million.


Located in the bustling financial district of Boston on Federal Street.

Learn more about Boston Millenia Partners by checking out their Visible Connect profile

14. Beacon Angels

Beacon Angels is a Boston-based angel investment group dedicated to supporting early-stage, fast-growing companies in New England. Founded in 2006, Beacon Angels brings together experienced investors who provide not only financial support but also strategic advice and mentorship to help startups succeed. The group is known for its collaborative approach, leveraging the collective expertise and networks of its members to foster innovation and growth in the companies they back.

Focus and industry: Beacon Angels primarily focuses on a diverse range of industries, including technology, software, IT, health care, biotechnology, consumer goods

Funding stage: Beacon Angels typically invests in early-stage companies, providing seed and early-round funding. Their investment amounts usually range from $50,000 to $400,000 per company.

Location: Located in the heart of Boston, offering easy access to the city’s vibrant startup ecosystem, their office is situated on Federal Street.

Learn more about Beacon Angels by checking out their Visible Connect profile

15. Underscore VC

Underscore VC is a Boston-based venture capital firm founded in 2015. The firm is committed to backing bold entrepreneurs at the early stages, particularly in the B2B software sector. With a focus on creating a supportive community, Underscore VC connects founders with experienced operators, executives, and entrepreneurs to provide strategic guidance and resources. Their approach is designed to help startups navigate the challenges of growth and scale effectively.

Focus and industry: Underscore VC primarily focuses on B2B software companies. Their investment interests span various sectors, including SaaS, fintech, AI, cloud computing, and logistics. Companies in their portfolio often originate from top academic institutions such as Harvard and MIT, reflecting their strong ties to the academic and tech communities in Boston​​​​.

Funding stage: Underscore VC invests in pre-seed, seed, Series A, Series B, and Series C companies. Their sweet spot check size is $4 million but will also invest up to $10 million. Their investment strategy is aimed at helping startups achieve key milestones, such as product development, market validation, and early customer acquisition, which are crucial for attracting further investment and scaling the business​​​​.

Location: Underscore VC is headquartered in the historic Old City Hall on School Street.

Learn more about Underscore VC by checking out their Visible Connect profile

16. Volition Capital

Volition Capital is a Boston-based growth equity firm that principally invests in high-growth, founder-owned companies across the software, Internet, and consumer sectors. Founded in 2010, Volition has over $1.1 billion in assets under management and has invested in over 30 companies in the United States and Canada. The firm selectively partners with founders to help them achieve their fullest aspirations for their businesses.

Focus and industry: Volition Capital focuses on several high growth key industries, including software, internet services, and consumer sectors. The firm has a strong emphasis on technology-driven businesses, particularly those in SaaS , fintech, cybersecurity, digital health, and e-commerce.

Funding stage: Volition Capital typically invests in growth-stage companies, providing capital in the range of $10 million to $20 million per investment. Their funding is aimed at accelerating growth, expanding market presence, and enabling shareholder liquidity. The firm seeks to take meaningful minority ownership stakes and often secures board positions to actively participate in the strategic direction of the companies they back​​​​.

Location: Volition Capital is headquartered on Huntington Avenue, Boston.

Learn more about Volition Capital by checking out their Visible Connect profile

Find investors in Boston with Visible

As we previously mentioned, a venture fundraise oftentimes mirrors a traditional B2B sales and marketing funnel. Just as sales and marketing teams have dedicated tools to track their funnel, shouldn’t founders have dedicated tools to manage their most important asset – equity?

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  • Find investors at the top of your funnel with Visible Connect, our free investor database
  • Add them directly to your fundraising pipeline directly in Visible
  • Share your pitch deck and data room with investors in your pipeline
  • Send Updates to current and potential investors to keep them engaged with the progress of your business.

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