The 16 Best Startup Newsletters

Mike Preuss

For people involved in the world of startups, determining what content sources to trust and what outlets to read can be a daunting task. Tech blogs, company blogs, VC blogs, Medium. Add to that the fact that people at early-stage companies tend to wear multiple hats and are looking for tips and tactics to help them excel in all of their roles and it seems like the firehose of information never stops. So how do you separate the signal from the noise and make sure you aren’t spending all of your time finding good stuff to read instead of taking action on the learnings?

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Startup newsletters are a great place to start and we have put together a list of some of our favorites to help you spend less time browsing for content and more time learning from peers and others with something interesting and important to say.

Industry News & Curated Reading Lists

First Round Review

Whether your job is to build product, make sales, build community or do just about anything else that comes with building an early-stage company, you will find the First Round Review extremely useful. By using stories from First Round portfolio companies, the First Round review shares valuable lessons and does so with high production quality.

Why We Love this Newsletter

We love the First Round Review because of the first-hand stories. The team surveys and interviews the best leaders in the space to uncover stories and strategies to help startups at any stage grow.

SaaS Weekly from Hiten Shah

Hiten Shah is the founder of CrazyEgg and KISSmetrics (and now a startup podcast co-hosted with’s Steli Efti) so he know’s his stuff when it comes to growing a SaaS business. In his weekly newsletter, Hiten organizes SaaS focused content by category for easy reading no matter one’s job title or expertise.

Why We Love this Newsletter

Hiten offers a great look into the SaaS world by drawing on his own experiences from building some of the most successful Saas companies.

Benedict Evans’ Newsletter

As Benedict Evans, a Partner at a16z puts it, the newsletter (delivered every Sunday) covers interesting developments in tech and mobile (globally) along with commentary on what it means for the market.

Why We Love this Newsletter

Benedict Evans is a bonafied thoughtleader in the space and offers good insights into the market in general as well as macro trends.

Work-Bench Enterprise Weekly

With links, events, and funding rounds focused specifically on the sector, the Enterprise Weekly – produced by venture fund and startup community Work-Bench out of New Your City – gives you everything you need to stay up to speed on the world of enterprise tech.

Why We Love this Newsletter

The Work-Bench Enterprise Weekly newsletter covers all things related to the enterprise world. They offer resources and insights as well as recent news and fundings in the space.

The Visible Weekly Newsletter

We search the web for the best tips to attract, engage and close investors, then deliver them to thousands of inboxes every week. We share everything to help founders succeed — everything from fundraising to mental health. Subscribe here.

Why We Love this Newsletter

We might be bias (as the Visible Weekly is our newsletter!) but we pride ourselves on curating the best content from investors and founders in the startup space to help founders grow their business.

The Founder Playbook by Hustle Fund

As put by the team at Hustle Fund, “The Founder Playbook is all about tactics. Specifically, tactics around fundraising and growing your startup. We cover things like:

  • What metrics you should know before you pitch an investor
  • How to grow an audience when you don’t even have a product yet
  • And how to write a kickass cold email”

Why We Love this Newsletter

The team at Hustle Fund are well rounded in all things growth and fundraising. The Founder Playbook is full of some of our favorite fundraising tips as well as growth strategies for early stage startups.

The Hustle

The Hustle is full of trending topics in the tech space. While not the strategic advice that other newsletters on this list offers, The Hustle offers compelling stories and trends in the space.

Why We Love this Newsletter

The Hustle has the scoop on some of the most insightful, and entertaining, stories in the tech space. By having a pulse on the space, you’ll be able to better understand macro trends.

Startup Funding & Venture Capital Newsletters

CB Insights

High-quality, data-driven insight into what is happening in the world of early-stage funding and company building, always delivered with a bit of an edge and a dash of humor. The CB Insights Newsletter is packed with sector specific research, breakdowns on emerging markets and companies, and insight into how the early-stage market is transforming.

Why We Love this Newsletter

The CB Insights is full of data-driven stories written with a level of humor. The daily newsletter is packed full of data, stories, and trends in specific sectors.


Interviews, funding updates, news on key personnel developments at top companies. StrictlyVC gives you a concise daily rundown of everything that you need to know about what is happening in the startup and venture world.

Why We Love this Newsletter

StrictlyVC is our go-to newsletter when it comes to news with startup fundings and acquisitions. The daily newsletter highlights any new fundings, acquisitions, and hits on major stories.

Term Sheet

While Term Sheet, from Fortune’s Dan Primack, tends to focus more on the growth stage and private equity markets, it is still a crucial bit of reading every weekday morning. Know what companies raised, who the new funds on the block are, and understand how developments in other stages of the private markets could impact your business.

Why We Love this Newsletter

Similar to StrictlyVC, we love Term Sheet because of the quick hits on news and the reliable data on funding and acquisition news.

Growth & Marketing Newsletters

TenSpeed Newsletter

TenSpeed helps companies growth with content marketing and SEO. As they put on their website, “Every month, we share tactical advice on one topic, plus the best of our blog content and latest podcast episodes, all in one place. Take your content marketing efforts the extra mile by signing-up below.”

Why We Love this Newsletter

The teammembers at TenSpeed are total pros in all things content marketing. Their monthly newsletter comes full of indepth resources and guides to help take your content marketing to the next level.

Kyle Poyar’s Growth Unhinged

Kyle Poyar is a partner at OpenView Ventures. Kyle has been a huge proponent of product led growth and uses his newsletter to share new learnings and insights from his own research and portfolio companies.

Why We Love this Newsletter

Kyle Poyar offers some of the best advice when it comes to product led growth for SaaS companies. The newsletter is full of strategic advice to help SaaS companies fuel growth.

The Blend by The Juice

The Juice is the world’s largest library of sales and marketing resources. As a team that curates the best growth content, their newsletter is full of their favorite takeaways and lessons in content marketing.

Why We Love this Newsletter

With a skilled team of marketers, the team at The Juice puts together great insights when it comes to all things content marketing.

Design & UX Newsletters


A simple concept…the 5 best design links, in your inbox, every single day. No fluff, just a quick, easy way to receive a curated list of interesting articles, videos and projects about the world of design.

Why We Love this Newsletter

The Sidebar newsletter is a great daily newsletter to stay up to date with the best in design. The newsletter is simple and easy to digest.

InVision Weekly Digest

InVision is an indispensable tool for many designers, product people and marketers. With a subscription base of over 800,000 designers, the same can be said for their weekly newsletter, which shares useful tactics for creating better products and give a behind the scenes look at how some of the world’s best design teams bring ideas from concept to market.

Why We Love this Newsletter

As one of the most popular design tools, the team at InVision is full of insights and tactics that are useful to seasoned designers or founders doubling as a designer in the early days.

One Design Company Weekly

One Design Company is a Chicago-based design, strategy and development agency that puts out an awesome weekly email packed with fun links, food for thought and some of the most useful posts on design and development from around the web.

Why We Love this Newsletter

The One Design Company newsletter offers fun and insightful posts on design and development that will keep any designer engaged.

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We search the web for the best tips to attract, engage and close investors, then deliver them to thousands of inboxes every week.

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