Our Favorite Posts for Sharing Documents, Decks, and Data While Fundraising

Matt Preuss
Marketing Manager
Our Favorite Posts for Sharing Documents, Decks, and Data
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Throughout the fundraising process countless documents and data points are being shared. Different investors will have different preferences. Below, we share our favorite posts for sharing documents, decks, and data while fundraising

Our Favorite Posts for Sharing Documents, Decks, and Data

What Should You Send a VC Before Your Meeting? — Mark Suster

Mark Suster, Managing Director at Upfront Ventures, offers his take on what founders should send before, during, and after a meeting with investors.

6 Things Founders Should Expect During Venture Due Diligence — Alex Iskold

Alex Iskold, Managing Partner at 2048 Ventures, shares 6 things that investors will expect during the due diligence process and how you should properly share them over.

16 Startups Metrics — Andreessen Horowitz

The team at Andresseen Horowitz explain what 16 metrics they find to be most valuable from their portfolio and what they mean for investors.

The Startup Metrics Potential Investors Want to See

On the Founders Forward Blog we share the general metrics potential investors will look into during a fundraise. Well they may vary when it comes to industry investors will often want to see growth, a growing market, and strong unit economics.

How to Make a Compelling Pitch Deck — Jean de la Rochebrochard

Jean de la Rochebrochard, Partner at Kima Ventures, studies successful pitch decks and lays out the keys to creating and sharing a compelling pitch deck.