Sales Development Rep (SDR) – KPIs Template

Mike Preuss
A Google Sheet Template for SDRs
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A Google Sheet Template for SDRs

Last week, we talked about the importance of SDRs. Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) have become an increasingly popular position to hire the past 10 years. Just check out this Google Trend from 2010 to now:

If you want to learn a little more about the history and progress of the role, PersistIQ has a great post here. When it comes to SDR teams, the process and metrics always vary depending on multiple factors like company stage, contact sizes, sales cycles and more. There may be no one size fits all playbook and the strategies and processes to get there could vary by a wide amount.

But in our research we found one important commonality in success SDR teams: handing off qualified leads to Account Executives (AE) is an essential goal.

Some teams consider a qualified lead a company that schedules a demo. Other teams wait for the AE to officially qualify the lead after a demo. Either way, you must allow AE’s to work on the most relevant deals to maximize their time and increase their likelihood to close.

Every company should also know the progress of their SDR team, the goals they need to hit and make sure management understands the return. Don’t forget about the intangibles either. Conner Burt, Chief Operating Officer at, said the long-term prospects for SDRs can often be about more than just filling a funnel.

“Your building a bench that you can use to promote SDRs to quota bearing sales people. That’s an intangible benefit.”

With this in mind, we built a simple SDR KPIs template for sales teams in Google Sheets. It is flexible so you can remove any irrelevant info, manipulate it or add anything missing that fits your process. The template will also easily plug into your Visible account! Get it below!

Click here to get the Free SDR metrics template!

Feel free to copy the sheet and drop in your own goals, metrics and KPIs. Hopefully this is a great reference to get you started! Send any any all feedback our way to marketing at visible dot vc. If you want to integrate with your Salesforce account schedule a demo!