Powderkeg Podcast: Mike Preuss and David Hall on Fundraising and Stakeholder Reporting

Published December 3, 2018

In the opening episode of Season 2 of the Powderkeg podcast, Mike Preuss, our CEO, and David Hall of Rise of Rest discuss fundraising between the coasts and how startups can leverage stakeholder reporting to power their business.

In this episode with David Hall and Mike Preuss, you’ll learn:

  • Key similarities and differences between non-coastal tech hubs (9:17).
  • An experienced investor’s high-level work and life advice for entrepreneurs (15:46).
  • The benefits that thorough stakeholder reporting can provide for every startup (22:51).
  • How to build a talented team and loyal customer base between the coasts (33:38).
  • Proven strategies for nurturing healthy founder-investor relationships(37:33).
  • How founders and investors should approach fundraising in non-coastal cities(49:16).

Give it a listen below or using this link. Enjoy!





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