Using SaaS Metrics to Build Your Fundraising Narrative with Forum Ventures

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Over the course of a fundraise, founders are expected to share the data and financials that fuel their business. Join us and Jonah Midanik on March 21st as we discuss what SaaS metrics you should track.
Hosted by
Mike Preuss
Mike Preuss
CEO @ Visible
Jonah Midanik
GP @ Forum Ventures

Join us on March 21st for a webinar on how to track and share the right SaaS metrics for your business. We’ll be co-hosting with Jonah Midanik, General Partner at Forum Ventures, as we discuss all things SaaS metrics and fundraising. A few things you can expect us to cover:

  • The SaaS metrics founders every founder should know
  • What metrics a founder should expect to share with potential investors
  • What metrics and financials a founder should expect to have prepared for due diligence
  • How early stage founders should think about more “advanced” SaaS metrics

About Jonah

Jonah has spent the last twenty years at the intersection of marketing and technology as a serial entrepreneur in Canada. He has experienced several different lenses on the founder’s journey from bootstrapping his own startup, to launching new corporate divisions, and raising 8 figures of venture capital.

At Forum, in supporting hundreds of founders’ growth, Jonah has carved out a niche in the market of teaching founders how to build and deliver pitch decks and which metrics to include to convey traction to raise capital successfully.