Mike’s Note # 2 — Do you sleep?

Published February 10, 2020

We are 2 for 2 in the Weekly Note! For the longest time we’ve treated lack of sleep as a badge of honor. “Hustle Porn” on Twitter & the web has made it even worse. Personally, I always felt like I was doing a disservice to Visible by prioritizing a good night’s sleep…”Should I be working instead of sleeping?” was a common question I’d ask myself.

Luckily, we’re starting to see more data, studies and efforts by entrepreneurs to show how sleep is critical to just about everything we do. From productivity increases to reducing the risk of cancer and heart disease, sleep is fundamental to just about every aspect of your life. I’ve recently gotten to know Jeff Kahn from Rise Science (they have worked with NFL, MLB, and NBA teams to Basecamp to Fortune 500 companies…yeah, they are legit). I love Rise’s simple yet insightful approach to helping you understand your sleep and sleep debt. In particular, they don’t require any sensors, gadgets or putting your phone on your bed.

One of my favorite features is their “peaks & dips” insights (your natural circadian rhythms). I find it to be incredibly accurate and I now structure my day around it. I’ll workout during my dips and prioritize critical thinking in my peaks. You can see my screenshot here from Rise. I asked Jeff why their model is so accurate. They use 3 different models to power this “peaks & dips” feature. One of those models comes from the Department of Defense. Turns out, the DOD has completed some extensive studies that enable us to more effectively utilize our troops in times of war. You are welcome to check out the research here.

How much sleep do you get as an operator & entrepreneur? Do you prioritize it? Any stories you’d want to share that I can highlight? Let me know and I’ll share them next week (anonymously).

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