Consolidated Xero Reporting

Mike Preuss
Automatically Consolidate Multiple Xero Accounts
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Automatically Consolidate Multiple Xero Accounts

If you run a business that operates in different countries, different currencies or one that requires many Xero or Quickbooks accounts, you will know the pain of consolidated reporting.

Being able to quickly get an understanding of Revenue, Cash Position, Expenses and more can be a pain. Luckily, with Visible and our formula builder, you can now quickly and intuitively combine many accounts for your consolidated Xero reporting.

Customers can connect as many Xero or Quickbooks accounts as needed. From there, it’s as simple as creating a new metric from a formula and building your new consolidated metric.

If you want to convert the currency of a particular metric, you can apply the logic of Exchange Rate * Metric.

You can read more about our formula builder and data transformation in our most recent announcement. If you are an accounting or finance professional, we’d love to talk to you! Feel free to contact us at spectrum at visible dot vc and make sure to check out our partner program.