Community Templates: Malomo’s Weekly Investor Update

Published January 21, 2020

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Community Spotlight

  • Company Name Malomo
  • Description —Malomo is a seed-stage, SaaS company based in Indianapolis, IN providing shipment tracking software for ecommerce brands
  • Stage — Seed
  • Capital Raised — $600k
  • Market/Business Model — SaaS, E-Commerce

The Investor Update Template

If you’re a seed stage, SaaS founder this is a great template to get you started. Yaw, the CEO and Founder, of Malomo shares the Update below on a weekly basis followed by a longer form Update on a monthly basis. For a seed or earlier stage company a weekly investor Update can be a valuable resource for your company.

A weekly Update gives you an added opportunity to leverage your investors and use their experience, network, and knowledge to help with early company decisions. Talk to your investors and see if they’d be interested in a more frequent Update. You may not need to send a weekly investor update to your entire investor list. If you have investors that are not as hands on or close to the business it may be best to only share a monthly or quarterly Update with them.

You can view and use the Template below:


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Thanks to Yaw for taking the time to share his template. If you’re a founder, investor, or company operator and would like to share your Update Templates send us a message to

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