Announcing Our ChartMogul Partnership & Integration

Published March 23, 2017


Visible + ChartMogul

We’re excited to announce our partnership today with ChartMogul. ChartMogul provides analytics for building a better subscription business to over 800 customers (and growing!). By integrating with Stripe, Braintree, Recurly and more, ChartMogul provides turnkey metrics to give you instant insight into your customers.

Visible customers will be able to integrate their ChartMogul metrics directly into Visible and use for their own stakeholder reporting.


Our initial integration includes your recurring revenue metrics, customer metrics, churn data and LTVs. We’ll continue to improve the integration so send any feedback our way. You can find more info on the ChartMogul + Visible feature page.


If you have any questions or comments about Visible + ChartMogul send them to Current Visible users can read more about the integration in this knowledge base article.

Up & to the right,

-Mike & The Visible Team

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