Build Relationships with Every Customer Using QBR Updates

Published January 11, 2018

In an ideal world every company would be able to host a “Quarterly Business Review” for every customer. In reality, QBRs are generally reserved for your “higher touch clients” (read: top tier), as they should be. With that being said, there are easy steps (outside of an in-person meeting) you can take to nurture your lower contract size customers to build a strong relationship and avoid churn. Who knows? They might even blossom into a “top tier” customer.

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Scaling QBRs

Traditionally, QBRs are in-person and bring in the executives from both companies. This is great, and ideal, for large enterprise deals. But when you’re a high growth company sending executives across the country is most likely not feasible. With that being said, a quick quarterly Update on the past, present, and future of your business relationships can be a valuable tool.

More than ever, consumers care about quality, transparency, customer support, convenience, cause and usability. The same is starting to become true in the business world. While it is nice to get buy-in from management, employees have more power and discretion when it comes to choosing their tech stack. By sending quick quarterly reports or Updates, Customer Success Managers and end users can build a strong personal relationship and strengthen ties throughout the organization.

Our QBR Update Template

Below you will find our Update Template to send to your clients on a quarterly basis. The template is broken into 5 separate sections; general health, 90 day highlights, benchmarking, usage, and the future. The template is intended to show your company’s value, start a conversation, and get in front of potential issues.

Keep in mind, this template is not intended to be a “one size fits all”. QBRs are a great way to show the value that your product or offering is adding to their business and is a great chance to add “your own spin”.

Check Out the Template Here >>>

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