Board Meeting Packet Template

Published September 28, 2017

With Q3 wrapping up in a few days, we put together a Pre-Board Meeting Update Template that you can share with your board to help you make the most of your meeting time. By sending over a quick packet before your next meeting it will allow everyone to have time to prepare and come ready to discuss the topics that truly matter to the business.


For the sake of simplicity, we broke our Update Template into 5 major sections:

Overview of Previous Quarter

A quick overview of the previous quarter. How did you track against your goals you set at your last meeting? Big Wins? Concerns going into Q3?

Key Metrics

A high level overview of the key metrics you have been sharing with your investors/board. Make sure to include any key events/descriptions for your data over the past period and leave time to discuss any questions at the start of your meeting.


Preview the agenda and schedule for your upcoming meeting. Use input from previous meetings and 1-on-1s to set the agenda and make sure the time will be useful for everyone involved. We suggest checking out Sequoia’s template for a board meeting to get started. 

Topics of Discussion

Offer an overview of the major issues you would like to tackle during your meeting; “working time”.  Without throwing too much information at your investors give them the proper data, questions, asks, etc. that will allow them to ponder the issue beforehand and come to the meeting ready.

Meeting & Financial Documents 

Include any necessary financial and meeting documents prior to the meeting. Always a good idea to include financial statements and documents/presentations for your meeting.


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