Automate Your Fundraise with Zapier

Published March 12, 2021
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Fundraising is a full-time job for startups. It’s a process most founders are running 24/7/365. The fundraising lifecycle typically has two parts:

  1. Actively Raising: Founders are actively raising new capital for their business. Hopefully, they are using a process to build momentum (check out this First Round article for great tips).
  2. Passively Fundraising: This is when founders are building relationships with future, upstream investors that might be a good fit for future funding events.

We believe if founders run a great process when they are actively raising and build rapport with potential investors when they are passively raising they will raise faster, with better terms, and get back to building their business.

Over the last year, we’ve built and improved (with features like custom properties, update sends to potential investors, and Visible Connect) our Fundraising CRM with features to make a founder’s next raise as efficient as possible.

We are thrilled to announce our Zapier + Fundraising CRM integration. The integration will allow founders to fit fundraising into their daily workflow by using Zapier triggers to automatically add potential investors to their Visible Fundraising CRM.

Some examples of our favorite Zaps to get you started:

  • Send email to a potential investor –> Add to Visible Pipeline
  • Zapier Google Chrome Extension –> Add to Visible Pipeline
  • Slack message –> Add to Visible Pipeline
  • and more

Here are some templates to help get you started:

To learn more about getting your Zapier connection setup with our Fundraising CRM, check out this post.

If you have a Zap you’re using to automate your fundraise, we’d love to hear about it. Send a message to marketing at visible dot vc.

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