AI Meets Your Investor Updates

Matt Preuss
Marketing Manager

Did you know that 60% of investors don't hear from their portfolio companies on a regular basis? This means that the startups sending regular communications to their investors stand out the most. In fact, startups that provide regular investor updates are 3x more likely to receive follow-on funding.

Making the time to write a compelling investor update regularly can be challenging. This is where Visible AI comes in.

What is Visible AI

Visible AI automatically turns the Request responses that portfolio companies submit to Visible into a narrative Update that startups can use to share with other investors and stakeholders. This equips founders to send regular, professional communications to all their greatest supporters (and sources of follow-on capital), with ease.

Learn more about Visible AI and how you can leverage it with your Visible account below.

How it Works

Visible AI is available to founders who are completing Visible data Requests from their investors.

Using the metrics and qualitative answers from a data Request, Visible AI adds context and builds charts to turn the information into a Visible Update that can be shared with other investors and stakeholders.

Visible AI Update Example

Using the qualitative answers and data included in your Request, we’ll help you turn the response into an Update using the following logic:

“{Company Name} Investor Update” — For example, “Acme Co Investor Update”

In order to create the content of the update we built a prompt for OpenAI that contains questions and answers from the request. We will create charts and tables for any metrics using the following logic:

  • If a metrics question contains >3 metrics we will create a single table with all these metrics within the update
  • Otherwise, we create bar charts for each metric in the question.
    • Note: if a metric only has a single data point we will create a number chart instead.

As always, we recommend reviewing your Update and making sure all of the content is correct and fits your voice. You can check out the full example of the Update here.

Visible AI Takeaways

  • Providing investor updates regularly increases your likelihood of success and your ability to fundraise
  • Visible AI transforms your Requests responses into a professional narrative update that you can share with all your stakeholders

The Future of Visible AI

This is our first introduction of AI into the Visible platform. In the months ahead we plan on exploring AI models to help with fundraising email copy, identifying potential investors for your business, and more. We are always looking for feedback. Feel free to share your AI-related ideas to support at visible dot vc.