11 VC Thought Leaders We Keep Coming Back To

Published January 24, 2019

For the past 3 years, we’ve been hard at work scouring the internet for content for our weekly newsletter: The Founders Forward. Over the course of building the Founders Forward, we’ve shared 1000s of articles and have gotten to know different VC thought leaders and influencers.

Below, we’ve shared 11 of the VC thought leaders we learn from again and again. Do you follow anyone that we don’t have on our list? Shoot us an email to marketing@visible.vc or send us a tweet. We’d love to build out the list even more!

Jason Lemkin

Twitter Handle: @jasonlk

Tweets About: All things SaaS with a focus on sales, investor relations, and scaling your business to $100M in Revenue.

Follow if: You are a SaaS founder or operator with an interest in learning from someone who has scaled a business to $100M in revenue.

Where to Start: 10 Great Questions to Ask a VP of Sales During an Interview, You Need to Fundraise 52 Weeks a Year. The 1-and-30 Rule.

Brad Feld

Twitter Handle: @bfeld

Tweets About: The latest tech news for founders, venture capital, and his favorite resources/books for startup leaders and operators

Follow if: If you’re interested in learning more about venture capital, learning from Brad’s portfolio companies, and lessons from his experience as the founder of Techstars and Foundry Group.

Where to Start: Capital Should Follow TalentDisagree and Commit

Fred Wilson

Twitter Handle: @fredwilson

Tweets About: A stream of his thoughts and blog posts as the founder of Union Square Ventures with a recent focus on blockchain and crypto.

Follow if: You’re interested in learning best practices for founders from one of the most successful VCs, or want to learn more about blockchain technology.

Where to Start: The Valuation Obsession, Should Your Company be Profitable

Semil Shah

Twitter Handle: @semil

Tweets About: A stream of his thoughts on individual startups, tips and advice for founders, and what he personally looks for in an investment.

Follow if: You’re an early stage founder that has taken capital, or are getting ready to raise, and want to leverage the perspective of an early stage investor.

Where to Start: A New VC Crop of Series A FirmsPaying Attention to Inbound Deal Flow

Hunter Walk

Twitter Handle: @hunterwalk

Tweets About: Current events, his daily experiences as an investor, musings from his fund, and advice for founders.

Follow if: You have an interest in the overall venture capital market and are curious about the day-to-day decisions a VC makes.

Where to Start: What Do You Want From Me Besides Capital?, A Strong Cold Email Always Beats a Weak Warm One

Liz Cain

Twitter Handle: @elizabethjcain

Tweets About: All things hiring and developing a proficient sales team drawing on her experience launching the BDR team while at NetSuite.

Follow if: You are a startup founder or operator getting ready to build out a sales process, team, and hiring plan.

Where to Start: How to Give Effective Performance Feedback: Frameworks and Best Practices, A Product-led Approach to Sales

Christoph Janz

Twitter Handle: @chrija

Tweets About: A data-driven approach to SaaS investing across the industry, with a focus on European venture.

Follow if: You are interested in learning more about the SaaS landscape from a macro perspective, or want to know what Europe’s top firm looks for in their investments.

Where to Start: Five Ways to Build a $100M BusinessUnsure How Much You Should Pay Yourself? Check out this Founder Salary Calculator 

Josh Elman

Twitter Handle: @joshelman

Tweets About: Product-focused tweets focused in the consumer space.

Follow if: You are building a consumer-facing product and have questions for one of the leaders in the space—Josh is quick to respond to tweets.

Where to Start: The Only Metric that MattersWeb Scraping vs. Doing the Work

Ben Horowitz

Twitter Handle: @bhorowitz

Tweets About: His musings from being the name behind of the most successful VC funds in the world: Andressen Horowitz.

Follow if: You want to learn startup and leadership advice from the author behind The Hard Things About Hard Things. Also doesn’t hurt if you’re a fan of rap.

Where to Start: The Hard Thing About Hard ThingsHow to Tell the Truth

Naval Ravikant

Twitter Handle: @naval

Tweets About: Thought-provoking ideas that not only challenge you as a founder, but as an individual.

Follow if: You want to challenge your thought process, covering everything from venture capital and building a company to meditation and psychology.

Where to Start: Build a Team that ShipsBitcoin – The Internet of Money

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