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Share Your Growth

Showcase big wins

Display closed deals and new revenue to highlight company and individual wins.

Enhance your data

Combine your Salesforce data with our other data sources to uncover trends and insights in relation to your sales & marketing efforts.

Leverage your investors

Leverage your investors’ networks and experience for help on individual deals or larger trends.

How it Works

1. Connect your Salesforce account

First we’ll ask you to authenticate your Salesforce account with Visible.

2. Pick Your Object(s)

Next, we will display your available Salesforce objects with associated filters.

3. Filter and Create Your Salesforce Metrics

Set the custom filters for your object using your unique Salesforce fields. Create as many metrics as you would like.

4. Visualize your Salesforce data

Create data visualizations in Updates or Dashboards and share via email, link, Slack, PDF, or Visible login.

Visible keeps our entire sales organization on the same page and aligned. We are able to easily share where our sales KPIs are to quarterly goals, how we are pacing and make improvements on the fly. With Visible we spend less time on reporting and more time on selling.

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