Mercury +

Visible VC

What Visible + Mercury Does

Surface your banking data

Bring in your data from Mercury to better understand your cash metrics.

Combine with other data sources

Combine your Mercury data with our other data sources to have a 10,000′ view of your business.

Keep your investors in the loop

Use your Mercury data in investor Updates to keep your investors in the loop on your cash movements.

How Visible + Mercury Works

1. Authenticate your Mercury with Visible

First we’ll ask you to authenticate your Mercury Account with Visible.

2. Pick Your Metrics

Next, we’ll display any metrics you have available to bring into Visible from Mercury.

3. Visualize your Mercury data

Once you have your metrics in Visible. Visualize metrics and combine with other data sources to build robust charts.

4. Leverage your Mercury data

Include your data visualizations in Updates or Dashboards and share via email, link, Slack, PDF, or Visible login.

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